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Zhengzhou Gold Mountain Science and Technique Co. Ltd. continues to play a key role in the production, research and development of zeolite molecular sieve. As a result of vigorous research program, we have invented a broad array of new processes for preparing zeolites from domestic ores. Various kinds of molecular sieve zeolites, with excellent adsorption properties and low cost, are synthesized from aluminosilicate hydrogels or by conversion of clay minerals. An advanced plant is put into operation to commercialize the lab research. Our products touch many industrial fields such as gas drying, insulated glass, chemical, petrochemical and air separation. Our customers spread all over the world.

            zeolite molecular sieves are widely used in key industries such as petrochemical, chemical, environment and natural gas processing. Relying on its adsorptive and catalytic performance, this important material straightly or indirectly contributes to 20%-30% of the gross output value in the developed countries. Especially zeolite 4A as detergent builder edging out traditional STPP substance attaches importance to the most countries worldwide.

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